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6 Sep 2018
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Bib No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
Fastest Lap
Dist Done
1103Andrew WYNN5:44.970Team of 81Male1SUMO DIGITAL195:44.970 46.227
2225Matt ELLIS5:45.500Team of 61Male1WILLIS TOWERS WATSON185:45.500 43.794
3104Ken BEATY6:03.527Team of 82Male2SUMO DIGITAL176:03.527 41.361
4174Elliot SHARRAD6:06.040Team of 62Male2BTP GROUP386:06.040 92.454
5206Peter LINK6:07.537Team of 63Male3IDEAWORKS226:07.537 53.526
6189Andy THOMPSON6:11.237Team of 83Male3SQEX146:11.237 34.062
7272Paul SKINNER6:11.293Team of 84Male4THE BULLDOGS126:11.293 29.196
8286Lorna BOWLER6:11.953Team of 51Female1SWERVE LADIES FOR ACTION226:11.953 53.526
9249Paul HARDY6:12.460Team of 64Male4DARKE & TAYLOR TEAM 2196:12.460 46.227
10215Caspar ATKINSON6:12.497Team of 85Male5POLYSTREAM146:12.497 34.062
11252Ian LOADES6:12.853Team of 65Male5DARKE & TAYLOR TEAM 2226:12.853 53.526
12115Jordan CHAMBERS6:15.010Team of 31Male1SPIKE-T416:15.010 99.753
13127Tim MARSDEN6:16.193Team of 66Male6DARKE & TAYLOR196:16.193 46.227
14101Carl CAVERS6:16.223Team of 86Male6SUMO DIGITAL116:16.223 26.763
15233Tom WOOD6:16.597Team of 67Male7WALTER LILLY TEAM A186:16.597 43.794
16248Graham WINSTONE6:18.887Team of 68Male8DARKE & TAYLOR TEAM 2186:18.887 43.794
17220Kevin BARKER6:19.917Team of 69Male9WILLIS TOWERS WATSON166:19.917 38.928
18268Richard BIRKETT6:20.677Team of 87Male7THE DRAGONS156:20.677 36.495
19106Paul MCHUGH6:20.783Team of 88Male8SUMO DIGITAL146:20.783 34.062
20152Mike JENNINGS6:20.830Team of 41Male1REDINET TEAM 2116:20.830 26.763
21240Kevin NEWLAND6:20.907Team of 610Male10WALTER LILLY TEAM B176:20.907 41.361
22235John STEVENS6:22.800Team of 611Male11WALTER LILLY TEAM A136:22.800 31.629
23102Heinz HOLSTEN6:23.353Team of 89Male9SUMO DIGITAL176:23.353 41.361
24222Justin BREWSTER6:24.450Team of 612Male12WILLIS TOWERS WATSON176:24.450 41.361
25171Matteo CARRARA6:26.957Team of 613Male13BTP GROUP136:26.957 31.629
26188Antony DOUGLAS6:31.283Team of 810Male10SQEX166:31.283 38.928
27137Harry COWELL6:31.453Team of 811Male11GLOSTER METEORS146:31.453 34.062
28155Adam FIELDING6:31.690Team of 71Male1SEGA SERIOUS156:31.690 36.495
29253Tim CARTER6:37.460Team of 614Male14DARKE & TAYLOR TEAM 2186:37.460 43.794
30214Keef SLOAN6:41.240Team of 812Male12POLYSTREAM136:41.240 31.629
31288Katy HEBDITCH6:41.463Team of 52Female2SWERVE LADIES FOR NORDOFF216:41.463 51.093
32250Simon WOOLLEY6:41.570Team of 615Male15DARKE & TAYLOR TEAM 2186:41.570 43.794
33277Neil COLLINS 6:44.190Team of 813Male13THE BULLDOGS136:44.190 31.629
34147Gareth HALL6:45.180Team of 42Male2REDINET TEAM 1226:45.180 53.526
35129Ben DAVIES6:45.563Team of 616Male16DARKE & TAYLOR206:45.563 48.660
36234Carl CARRINGTON6:46.713Team of 617Male17WALTER LILLY TEAM A106:46.713 24.330
37226Peter BURTON6:47.720Team of 43Male3LAMTON LEGENDS266:47.720 63.258
38203Angharad PEREIRA-REGO6:48.740Team of 53Female3SWERVE LADIES FOR NORDOFF216:48.740 51.093
39116Cameron CHAMBERS6:48.743Team of 32Male2SPIKE-T316:48.743 75.423
40110Ben HODGE6:49.680Team of 618Male18SAGACITY166:49.680 38.928
41232Ian EDWARDS6:49.857Team of 619Male19WALTER LILLY TEAM A216:49.857 51.093
42146Colin BRIDLE6:50.187Team of 44Male4REDINET TEAM 1226:50.187 53.526
43154Marcus SHELDON6:53.413Team of 72Male2SEGA SERIOUS146:53.413 34.062
44108David BLEWITT6:54.163Team of 814Male14SUMO DIGITAL156:54.163 36.495
45264Colin CHARVIS6:55.813Team of 815Male15THE DRAGONS116:55.813 26.763
46124Simon NEWTON6:56.397Team of 620Male20DARKE & TAYLOR146:56.397 34.062
47205Jamie DENNY6:56.483Team of 621Male21IDEAWORKS176:56.483 41.361
48117Daren CHAMBERS6:58.247Team of 33Male3SPIKE-T286:58.247 68.124
49199Julia HODGKINSON6:59.297Team of 54Female4SWERVE LADIES FOR ACTION216:59.297 51.093
50287Georgina CRAWSHAW7:00.747Team of 55Female5SWERVE LADIES FOR NORDOFF227:00.747 53.526
Page 1 of 4 (151 items)

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