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28 Feb 2015
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1498Paul Croft1:03:04All Ages1Male1Team Croft11.4 km/h
2527Dan Gullis1:03:51All Ages2Male2Team Millard11.3 km/h
3500Tom Fairman1:06:19All Ages3Male3Team Croft10.9 km/h
4528Robbie Moore1:07:08All Ages4Male4Team Millard10.7 km/h
5524Lee Millard1:07:34All Ages5Male5Team Millard10.7 km/h
6530Kevin Wilks1:07:47All Ages6Male6Team Millard10.6 km/h
7515Keith Maclean-Martin1:08:14All Ages7Male7Team Maggs10.6 km/h
88Paul Dewey1:11:19All Ages8Male8 10.1 km/h
9511Jon Maggs1:12:35All Ages9Male9Team Maggs 9.9 km/h
10519Wendy Wells1:12:45All Ages1Female1Team Millard 9.9 km/h
11529Alf Furguson1:13:34All Ages10Male10Team Millard 9.8 km/h
12224Kelly Matthews1:13:58All Ages2Female2  9.7 km/h
131015Lucy Sallows1:14:02All Ages3Female3  9.7 km/h
14507Caroline Richardson1:14:24All Ages4Female4Team Maggs 9.7 km/h
151Richard Nash1:14:24All Ages11Male11  9.7 km/h
16513Sean Bennett1:14:27All Ages12Male12Team Maggs 9.7 km/h
17292Jonathan Mason1:14:46All Ages13Male13  9.6 km/h
18548Lisa Dytham1:14:49All Ages5Female5Wessex Warriors 9.6 km/h
19397Paul Perdrisat1:15:27All Ages14Male14Wessex Warriors 9.5 km/h
20523Gemma Hebdon1:16:25All Ages6Female6Team Millard 9.4 km/h
21502Steve Palmer1:17:15All Ages15Male15Team Croft 9.3 km/h
22258Robert Dansey1:17:52All Ages16Male16  9.2 km/h
23505Kat Evans1:18:33All Ages7Female7Team Maggs 9.2 km/h
24516Jon Clark1:19:10All Ages17Male17Team Maggs 9.1 km/h
25600Nigel Hasted1:20:44All Ages18Male18  8.9 km/h
261259Jason Derham1:22:10All Ages19Male19  8.8 km/h
2716David Anthony1:23:11All Ages20Male20  8.7 km/h
28503Ben O'brian1:23:14All Ages21Male21Team Croft 8.6 km/h
29492Beauty Gandiwa1:24:03All Ages8Female8Team Croft 8.6 km/h
30518Kayleigh Winser1:24:12All Ages9Female9Team Millard 8.5 km/h
31424Andrew Clark1:24:16All Ages22Male22  8.5 km/h
32225Darin Evans1:24:34All Ages23Male23  8.5 km/h
3331Sean Mcmanus1:25:55All Ages24Male24  8.4 km/h
34526Neil Young1:26:38All Ages25Male25Team Millard 8.3 km/h
35520Anna Sawa1:26:51All Ages10Female10Team Millard 8.3 km/h
36103Mark Simpson1:28:11All Ages26Male26Wessex Warriors 8.2 km/h
37101Craig Mathoulin1:28:24All Ages27Male27Wessex Warriors 8.1 km/h
38561Chris Atkins1:29:17All Ages28Male28  8.1 km/h
397James Ruckley1:29:51All Ages29Male29  8.0 km/h
40314Samantha Rippington1:30:16All Ages11Female11  8.0 km/h
41306Dan White1:30:23All Ages30Male30Brown U Boats 8.0 km/h
421045Joshua Hall1:30:23All Ages31Male31Brown U Boats 8.0 km/h
43389Danny Hilton1:30:23All Ages32Male32Brown U Boats 8.0 km/h
441089Ben Skelton1:30:23All Ages33Male33Brown U Boats 8.0 km/h
45392James Turrell1:30:24All Ages34Male34Brown U Boats 8.0 km/h
46551Liam Bargery1:30:24All Ages35Male35Brown U Boats 8.0 km/h
4722Andrew Kenhaw1:30:27All Ages36Male36  8.0 km/h
481226Thomas Ellis-Jones1:30:53All Ages37Male37  7.9 km/h
49514Nick Snow1:31:42All Ages38Male38Team Maggs 7.9 km/h
50102Phil Moore1:32:32All Ages39Male39Wessex Warriors 7.8 km/h
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