Specsavers Longest Day 10k
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18 June 2014
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1233Simon Nott32:51.1Top 31Male1Calne Running Club18.3 km/h
243George Frost34:48.6Top 32Male2Team Bath Athletics Club17.2 km/h
3249Gary O'Brien35:37.1Top 33Male3Swindon Harriers16.8 km/h
4272Josh Taylor36:34.2Sen1Male4Team Bath Athletics Club16.4 km/h
5246Sam Hedley36:34.6Sen2Male5Team Bath Athletics Club16.4 km/h
6268Nicola Brookland36:48.3Top 31Female1Bristol & West Ac16.3 km/h
769Scott Kennedy37:09.2Sen3Male6Wye Valley Runners16.1 km/h
8230Pete Woodward37:13.7Sen4Male7Bristol & West Ac16.1 km/h
9147Mike Rose37:25.4Sen5Male8Avon Valley Runners16.0 km/h
10170Paul Rogers37:34.0Sen6Male9 16.0 km/h
1140Nick Faye37:35.0V401Male10Westbury Harriers16.0 km/h
12274Ed Bailey37:45.4Sen7Male11Fell Runners Association15.9 km/h
13251Gary Hughes37:51.5V501Male12Team Bath Athletics Club15.8 km/h
14124Niall Urquhart38:06.5V502Male13Team Bath Athletics Club15.7 km/h
15199Matt Wilks38:26.3Sen8Male14 15.6 km/h
16250Amy Chalk38:54.1Top 32Female2Bristol & West Ac15.4 km/h
17226David Vaudin39:21.3V503Male15Team Bath Athletics Club15.2 km/h
18190Mark Clayton39:24.1V504Male16Chippenham Harriers15.2 km/h
1924Thomas Coney39:28.4Sen9Male17Avon Valley Runners15.2 km/h
20243Elysia Ridley39:45.5Top 33Female3Army15.1 km/h
2112Tony Blackburn40:15.9V402Male18 14.9 km/h
22234Denise Grech40:23.0V401Female4Calne Running Club14.9 km/h
23194Daniel Giles40:23.5Sen10Male19 14.9 km/h
243Matthew Andrews40:35.0V403Male20Hot Chilli Tri14.8 km/h
25192Keith Tabley40:37.6V404Male21 14.8 km/h
2616Mitch Bryan40:55.0Sen11Male22 14.7 km/h
27189Jonathan Hanson40:56.7Sen12Male23 14.7 km/h
28152Paul Jepson41:09.9Sen13Male24 14.6 km/h
2945Jon Giddings41:16.6Sen14Male25Hickey's Harriers Devizes14.5 km/h
3081Jonathan Meadows41:18.9Sen15Male26Wye Valley Runners14.5 km/h
31188Graham Pugh41:22.5V405Male27 14.5 km/h
3233Nicola Denning41:26.7V402Female5Cirencester AC14.5 km/h
33262Andy Vaudin41:27.8V505Male28 14.5 km/h
34197Luke Campbell41:42.3Sen16Male29Swindon Harriers14.4 km/h
3546Simon Gingell41:43.6V406Male30Cotswold Allrunners14.4 km/h
36260Birdsey Laurence41:48.7Sen17Male31 14.3 km/h
37158Amy Bentley42:02.7Sen1Female6Cirencester AC14.3 km/h
38228David George42:06.7V506Male32Westbury Harriers14.2 km/h
39216Lewis Black42:41.3Sen18Male33Army14.1 km/h
40276Richard Smith42:55.3Sen19Male34 14.0 km/h
41231Neal James43:03.5Sen20Male35Swindon Harriers13.9 km/h
42218Scott Younger43:03.5Sen21Male36Army13.9 km/h
4386Jamie Moss43:15.4Sen22Male37Calne SMaRTT13.9 km/h
44161Phil Weldon43:15.9Sen23Male38 13.9 km/h
45248Jenny Connolly43:16.6Sen2Female7Swindon Harriers13.9 km/h
46217Lee Tidd43:19.5Sen24Male39Army13.8 km/h
47187Alistair Bisatt43:19.6V507Male40Team Specsavers13.8 km/h
4891Stuart O'connell43:22.7Sen25Male41Bristol And West AC13.8 km/h
49125Andrew Vodden43:24.9Sen26Male42Mango Solutions13.8 km/h
5068Alan Kember43:48.5V508Male43Corsham Running Club13.7 km/h
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