Surrey Half Marathon
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8 Mar 2015
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16105Harry Hyde7:35.2Finished11 Yrs1Male111.9 km/h
24885Benjamin Rolfe7:54.3Finished13Yrs1Male211.4 km/h
35066James Winship8:04.5Finished10 Yrs1Male311.1 km/h
44848Nathan Holmes8:20.9Finished13Yrs2Male410.8 km/h
54876Alessandro Harker8:22.8Finished10 Yrs2Male510.7 km/h
65075Ollie George8:36.3Finished8 Yrs1Male610.5 km/h
75083Hector Barnes8:39.6FinishedUnknown1Male710.4 km/h
84953Benjamin Aris8:44.1Finished11 Yrs2Male810.3 km/h
95090Danny-Ray Murdey8:44.9Finished8 Yrs2Male910.3 km/h
104801Ben Winship8:51.4Finished12 Yrs1Male1010.2 km/h
114865Kiki Webb8:53.5Finished9 Yrs1Female110.1 km/h
125089Aidan Brand8:58.2Finished11 Yrs3Male1110.0 km/h
135076Megan Davies9:00.2Finished11 Yrs1Female210.0 km/h
144967Toby Bolton9:00.8Finished9 Yrs1Male1210.0 km/h
154946Noah Findell9:09.5Finished8 Yrs3Male13 9.8 km/h
165088Kieran Brand9:13.0Finished9 Yrs2Male14 9.8 km/h
174824Fleur Marren9:13.4Finished8 Yrs1Female3 9.8 km/h
184807Freya Daines9:14.6Finished10 Yrs1Female4 9.7 km/h
194989Matthew Denney9:15.9Finished13Yrs3Male15 9.7 km/h
204867Steven Wood9:17.3Finished10 Yrs3Male16 9.7 km/h
214966Liam Bolton9:18.7Finished9 Yrs3Male17 9.7 km/h
224962Charlie Hobbs9:18.7Finished10 Yrs4Male18 9.7 km/h
234838Kay Davies9:21.1Finished10 Yrs5Male19 9.6 km/h
245037Tim Browning9:22.0Finished10 Yrs6Male20 9.6 km/h
254841Sebastian Egan9:22.2Finished11 Yrs4Male21 9.6 km/h
264849Zach Bowen9:23.5Finished7 Yrs1Male22 9.6 km/h
274878Aiden Elford9:23.9Finished8 Yrs4Male23 9.6 km/h
284990Jack De9:24.8Finished11 Yrs5Male24 9.6 km/h
294870Rosie Cooper9:25.2Finished9 Yrs2Female5 9.6 km/h
304886Harri Roberts9:27.9Finished10 Yrs7Male25 9.5 km/h
314988Archie Robinson9:29.0Finished7 Yrs2Male26 9.5 km/h
326104Ellie Dodge9:32.0Finished12 Yrs1Female6 9.4 km/h
335072Toby Spencer9:33.9Finished9 Yrs4Male27 9.4 km/h
344939Tom Colbert9:37.6Finished9 Yrs5Male28 9.3 km/h
354980Cameron Ives9:37.6Finished8 Yrs5Male29 9.3 km/h
364919Henry Ludlam9:40.8Finished9 Yrs6Male30 9.3 km/h
375087Thomas Hunt9:41.5Finished8 Yrs6Male31 9.3 km/h
384974Ronny Watt9:42.3Finished9 Yrs7Male32 9.3 km/h
394911Annabel Bailey9:44.3Finished8 Yrs2Female7 9.2 km/h
404983Owen Brabon9:46.5Finished10 Yrs8Male33 9.2 km/h
414981Andrew Ives9:48.0Finished6 Yrs1Male34 9.2 km/h
425084Fergus Barnes9:50.0Finished11 Yrs6Male35 9.2 km/h
434912Charlotte Bailey9:51.6Finished10 Yrs2Female8 9.1 km/h
445009Dihan Truter9:51.8Finished7 Yrs3Male36 9.1 km/h
455063Layton Cusack9:54.9Finished9 Yrs8Male37 9.1 km/h
464823Freddie Marren9:56.7Finished8 Yrs7Male38 9.0 km/h
475001Isak Jenkins-Berg9:56.9Finished7 Yrs4Male39 9.0 km/h
485010William Glenister9:57.3Finished9 Yrs9Male40 9.0 km/h
494818Toby Knevett9:57.9Finished9 Yrs10Male41 9.0 km/h
504811Sophie Jones9:58.2Finished9 Yrs3Female9 9.0 km/h
Page 1 of 6 (268 items)