Malmesbury Carnival 10k 2014
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30 Aug 2014
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1235George Frost33:40.7FinishedSen1Male1Team Bath Athletics Club 17.8 km/h
257Gary Dunstone35:44.8FinishedVet 401Male2Chippenham Harriers 16.8 km/h
36Rich Ayling35:52.6FinishedSen2Male3Avon Valley Runners 16.7 km/h
4142Mike Rose36:34.3FinishedSen3Male4Avon Valley Runners 16.4 km/h
5189Matt Clayton37:35.1FinishedSen4Male5  16.0 km/h
6234Nick Morgan37:41.6FinishedSen5Male6Waverley Harriers 15.9 km/h
7164Peter Veleski37:46.0FinishedSen6Male7Avon Valley Runners 15.9 km/h
830Michael Bryant37:57.1FinishedSen7Male8Swansea Harriers AC 15.8 km/h
9221Gary Hughes38:19.5FinishedVet 501Male9Team Bath Athletics Club 15.7 km/h
1043Thomas Coney38:46.8FinishedSen8Male10Avon Valley Runners 15.5 km/h
11145Pete Slade38:47.6FinishedSen9Male11Avon Valley Runners 15.5 km/h
12185Tom Hunton38:55.2FinishedSen10Male12Swindon Harriers 15.4 km/h
13217Tim Lowrie39:05.5FinishedSen11Male13Avon Valley Runners 15.3 km/h
14209Dan Richardson39:14.9FinishedVet 402Male14  15.3 km/h
15253Jack Webb39:29.8FinishedSen12Male15  15.2 km/h
1673Simon Gilbert39:33.0FinishedSen13Male16Devizes Running Club 15.2 km/h
17180Tim Dodwell39:45.5FinishedSen14Male17Avon Valley Runners 15.1 km/h
18225Jack Fasham40:27.4FinishedSen15Male18Stroud Ac 14.8 km/h
1981Tim Hill40:37.5FinishedSen16Male19  14.8 km/h
20161Ian Travis40:40.4FinishedSen17Male20  14.8 km/h
21112Antony Mills40:50.0FinishedSen18Male21Avon Valley Runners 14.7 km/h
22121Jamie Moss41:13.5FinishedSen19Male22Calne SMaRTT 14.6 km/h
23236Darren Hales41:15.7FinishedSen20Male23Hogweed Trotters 14.5 km/h
2424Martin Bridgeman41:25.7FinishedSen21Male24Swindon Harriers 14.5 km/h
25109Andy Maxted41:27.9FinishedVet 403Male25Trimax Events 14.5 km/h
26254Quentin Laidlaw41:38.2FinishedVet 502Male26  14.4 km/h
2775Damion Godwin41:44.8FinishedSen22Male27Devizes Running Club 14.4 km/h
28233Michelle Maxwell41:45.9FinishedVet 401Female1Chippenham Harriers 14.4 km/h
293James Atwill41:53.6FinishedSen23Male28PD Fitness 14.3 km/h
3095Samantha Kelly41:55.6FinishedVet 402Female2Royal Wootton Bassett Hounds 14.3 km/h
31222Ahmad Hashmi42:03.8FinishedSen24Male29  14.3 km/h
32105Mark Manley42:06.5FinishedVet 404Male30  14.2 km/h
3319Alistair Bisatt42:11.9FinishedVet 503Male31Devizes Running Club 14.2 km/h
34248Simon Morgan42:25.1FinishedVet 405Male32  14.1 km/h
35252Luke Campbell43:04.0FinishedJun1Male33Swindon Harrier 13.9 km/h
36124David Mudford43:11.0FinishedVet 406Male34  13.9 km/h
37220Crais Beaven43:12.3FinishedSen25Male35Calne SMaRTT 13.9 km/h
38181Fleur Ross-Harris43:16.8FinishedSen1Female3Avon Valley Runners 13.9 km/h
39237Stuart Welch43:28.1FinishedSen26Male36Calne SMaRTT 13.8 km/h
4017Amy Bentley43:30.8FinishedSen2Female4Flying Monk Triathlon Club 13.8 km/h
41126James Noble43:45.5FinishedJun2Male37PD Fitness 13.7 km/h
42208Duncan Simpson44:00.2FinishedSen27Male38  13.6 km/h
43232Ken Marshall44:12.5FinishedVet 601Male39Avon Valley Runners 13.6 km/h
4464Gordon Everett44:18.1FinishedSen28Male40Bristol And West Ac (est. 1882) 13.5 km/h
45146Jason Smart44:43.0FinishedSen29Male41  13.4 km/h
46204Michael Wright44:45.7FinishedSen30Male42  13.4 km/h
47168Kathryn Jayne Wilkins44:55.4FinishedSen3Female5Devixes running club 13.4 km/h
48153Alan Stevens45:14.8FinishedVet 407Male43Devizes Running Club 13.3 km/h
4979Phil Harding45:18.3FinishedVet 602Male44Avon Valley Runners 13.2 km/h
50140Martin Rice45:23.8FinishedSen31Male45  13.2 km/h
Page 1 of 6 (260 items)

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