Mapledurham 10k and 10 mile
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29 Nov 2015
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Chip Time
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1159Alexander MILLER58:03FinishedTop 21Male1BELGRAVE HARRIERS10.3 m/hr
2194Michael LENNON1:02:52FinishedTop 22Male2READING AC / TRI 2O 9.5 m/hr
3200Tom CRAGGS1:03:30FinishedUnder 401Male3WINCHESTER & DISTRICT AC 9.4 m/hr
4176Rob CORNEY1:03:33FinishedUnder 402Male4READING ROADRUNNERS 9.4 m/hr
5158Samantha AMEND1:05:23FinishedTop 21Female1BELGRAVE HARRIERS 9.2 m/hr
690Laurence MILES1:05:49Finished40-491Male5MAIDENHEAD AC 9.1 m/hr
7377Neil HART1:06:13FinishedUnder 403Male6  9.1 m/hr
8126Ben WHALLEY1:06:41Finished40-492Male7READING ROADRUNNERS 9.0 m/hr
9164Gareth SYLVESTER-BRADLEY1:06:47FinishedUnder 404Male8TRI2O 9.0 m/hr
1054Nick ONSLOW1:07:04Finished40-493Male9BRAMLEY TRAIL RUNNERS 8.9 m/hr
1171Mark GORST1:07:07Finished40-494Male10BUTLERS LANDS FARM RUNNERS 8.9 m/hr
12193Christopher SHANNON1:07:12FinishedUnder 405Male11  8.9 m/hr
1347Stephen RIDLEY1:07:18FinishedUnder 406Male12TRI2O 8.9 m/hr
14133Simon FREEMAN1:09:13Finished40-495Male13  8.7 m/hr
15365Julia DAVIS1:09:18FinishedTop 22Female2NEWBURY ROADRUNNERS 8.7 m/hr
1637Alexander STEPHENS1:09:19FinishedUnder 407Male14READING UNIVERSITY KNIGHTS ATHLETICS 8.7 m/hr
17369Sophie CRUMLY1:09:25FinishedUnder 401Female3NEWBURY ATHLETICS CLUB 8.6 m/hr
1852Jack HOUGHTON1:09:41FinishedUnder 408Male15  8.6 m/hr
19367Wayne THURSTING1:09:49Finished40-496Male16B2p Tri 8.6 m/hr
20169Natalie PLUMMER1:09:54FinishedUnder 402Female4READING UNIVERSITY KNIGHTS ATHLETICS 8.6 m/hr
21154Ryan MORRIS1:10:19FinishedUnder 409Male17COMPTON HARRIERS 8.5 m/hr
22384Stephen WINTON1:11:10Finished40-497Male18  8.4 m/hr
23157Stuart KINTON1:11:38FinishedUnder 4010Male19READING ROADRUNNERS 8.4 m/hr
248Natalie KENNY1:11:39FinishedUnder 403Female5  8.4 m/hr
2517Nathan SIRCOMBE1:12:05FinishedUnder 4011Male20  8.3 m/hr
26156Simon ADAMS1:13:47Finished40-498Male21NEWBURY RUNNERS 8.1 m/hr
2756Tom ANTHISTLE1:13:48FinishedUnder 4012Male22READING ROADRUNNERS 8.1 m/hr
2825Stuart BRADBURN1:14:03Finished40-499Male23  8.1 m/hr
2981Barry TUCKER1:14:13FinishedUnder 4013Male24  8.1 m/hr
30160David JONES1:14:49FinishedUnder 4014Male25  8.0 m/hr
3119Michael FARLEY1:14:56FinishedUnder 4015Male26  8.0 m/hr
32146Sam HUSBANDS1:15:47FinishedUnder 4016Male27  7.9 m/hr
33103Matthew JONES1:16:17Finished40-4910Male28SANDHURST JOGGERS 7.9 m/hr
3470Marian VASILE1:16:45FinishedUnder 4017Male29  7.8 m/hr
35163Simon BEST1:16:47Finished50-591Male30ALCHESTER RUNNING CLUB 7.8 m/hr
36386John MYLES1:16:50Finished50-592Male31  7.8 m/hr
3740Duncan PINTEAU1:16:51FinishedUnder 4018Male32HART ROAD RUNNERS 7.8 m/hr
38114James HENWOOD1:17:12Finished40-4911Male33  7.8 m/hr
39185Dan MOLONEY1:17:24FinishedUnder 4019Male34  7.8 m/hr
4046Harriet CHETTLEBURGH1:18:26Finished40-491Female6TRI2O 7.6 m/hr
41383David KINGHAM1:18:30Finished50-593Male35TVOC 7.6 m/hr
4221James GODFREY1:18:30FinishedUnder 4020Male36  7.6 m/hr
4369Rob HARPER1:18:31Finished40-4912Male37TRI2O 7.6 m/hr
4426Steve BLAKE1:19:16Finished40-4913Male38  7.6 m/hr
4528Duncan EDWARDS1:19:23FinishedUnder 4021Male39  7.6 m/hr
46111Michael GOFF1:19:25FinishedUnder 4022Male40READING JOGGERS 7.6 m/hr
4731Edward JOHNSON1:19:51Finished40-4914Male41READING JOGGERS 7.5 m/hr
48166William PLATT1:20:05FinishedUnder 4023Male42THAMES VALLEY TRIATHLETES 7.5 m/hr
49184Ann ROSTERN1:20:06Finished40-492Female7DIDCOT RUNNERS 7.5 m/hr
5084Anthony FARMER1:20:25Finished40-4915Male43  7.5 m/hr
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