Maidenhead Half Marathon
7 Sep 2014


3 members to count, based on sum of times (info only no prizes)
CategoryPosTeam NameTeam ResultNo Members
Male Team1Maidenhead AC03:55:033
Male Team2Bracknell Forest Runners04:00:023
Male Team3London Heathside04:01:343
Male Team4Reading Roadrunners04:08:113
Male Team5Arena 80 AC04:11:133
Male Team6Ealing Eagles Running Club04:11:303
Male Team7Datchet Dashers04:11:313
Male Team8Bracknell Forest Runners04:12:513
Male Team9Serpentine RC04:15:273
Male Team10Chiltern Harriers AC04:16:473
Male Team11Garden City Runners04:18:213
Male Team12Reading Roadrunners04:19:173
Male Team13Windle Valley Runners04:19:423
Male Team14Bracknell Forest Runners04:19:573
Male Team15Clapham Chasers RC04:20:193
Male Team16Stragglers04:21:173
Male Team17Herne Hill Harriers04:21:253
Male Team18Wimbledon Windmilers04:23:303
Male Team19Datchet Dashers04:24:043
Male Team20Reading Roadrunners04:24:473
Male Team21Didcot Runners04:27:303
Male Team22Bracknell Forest Runners04:31:143
Male Team23Ealing Eagles Running Club04:32:273
Male Team24Reading AC04:32:503
Male Team25Reading Roadrunners04:33:083
Male Team26Handy Cross Runners04:33:203
Male Team27Runnymede Runners04:35:123
Male Team28Marlow Striders04:35:263
Male Team29Maidenhead AC04:35:433
Male Team30Reading Joggers04:36:413
Male Team31Kent AC04:38:423
Male Team32Reading Roadrunners04:38:433
Male Team33Purple Patch Runners04:40:113
Male Team34Wargrave Runners04:40:373
Male Team35Reading Roadrunners04:42:083
Male Team36Bracknell Forest Runners04:42:373
Male Team37St Albans Striders04:42:493
Male Team38Serpentine RC04:44:273
Male Team39Sandhurst Joggers04:45:353
Male Team40Fleet & Crookham AC04:46:503
Male Team41Tring RC04:48:083
Male Team42Cookham Running Club04:50:103
Male Team43Chiltern Harriers AC04:50:253
Male Team44Bracknell Forest Runners04:51:083
Male Team45Datchet Dashers04:54:033
Male Team46Metros RC05:00:013
Male Team47Ealing Eagles Running Club05:03:113
Male Team48Burnham Joggers AC05:04:423
Male Team49Reading Roadrunners05:07:033
Male Team50Reading Joggers05:07:493
Male Team51Bearbrook Running Club05:07:523
Male Team52Didcot Runners05:08:553
Male Team53Road Runners Club05:09:173
Male Team54Datchet Dashers05:10:033
Male Team55David Lloyd Redway Runners05:12:073
Male Team56Maidenhead AC05:13:153
Male Team57Bracknell Forest Runners05:21:253
Male Team58Datchet Dashers05:27:213
Male Team59Reading Roadrunners05:29:073
Male Team60Purple Patch Runners05:29:353
Male Team61Runnymede Runners05:30:533
Male Team62Sandhurst Joggers05:31:583
Male Team63Maidenhead AC05:33:563
Male Team64Bracknell Forest Runners05:36:443
Male Team65Reading Roadrunners05:39:393
Male Team66Metros RC05:52:383
Male Team67Wimbledon Windmilers06:04:243
Male Team68Datchet Dashers06:07:153
Male Team69Reading Roadrunners06:16:373
Male Team70Maidenhead AC06:18:513
Male Team71Bracknell Forest Runners06:51:353
Male Team72Purple Patch Runners07:20:153