Surrey Half Marathon
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8 Mar 2015
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Team Name
Team Result
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Male Team1 Guildford & Godalming AC 05:10:494
Male Team2 Windle Valley Runners 05:30:424
Male Team3 Waverley Harriers 05:31:124
Male Team4 Windle Valley Runners 05:47:064
Male Team5 Guildford & Godalming AC 05:48:164
Male Team6 Woking AC 05:48:404
Male Team7 Horsley Shufflers 05:51:194
Male Team8 Wimbledon Windmilers 06:01:444
Male Team9 Haslemere Border AC 06:10:104
Male Team10 Fitstuff 06:19:144
Male Team11 Xempo Pace Team 06:20:184
Male Team12 Team Woking High 06:25:234
Male Team13 Ealing Eagles 06:25:404
Male Team14 Cruisers Running Club 06:29:144
Male Team15 Serpentine RC 06:30:074
Male Team16 Runnymede Runners 06:31:034
Male Team17 Waverley Harriers 06:33:034
Male Team18 Windle Valley Runners 06:34:024
Male Team19 Heathervale FC 06:35:104
Male Team20 Horsley Shufflers 06:39:504
Male Team21 Phoenix Tri 06:41:194
Male Team22 Sandhurst Joggers 06:48:334
Male Team23 Horsell Runners 06:56:154
Male Team24 Team KC 07:01:234
Male Team25 Battenburg Von 1851 07:02:434
Male Team26 Farnham Triathlon Club 07:04:134
Male Team27 Team Guildford Borough 07:06:464
Male Team28 Purple Patch Runners 07:11:124
Male Team29 Team Woking High 07:15:494
Male Team30 Windle Valley Runners 07:16:064
Male Team31 #stillbelieve 07:16:114
Male Team32 Dorking & Mole Valley AC 07:22:404
Male Team33 The Hershamites 07:26:024
Male Team34 Fitstuff 07:32:184
Male Team35 Horsley Shufflers 07:36:074
Male Team36 Horsell Runners 07:40:214
Male Team37 Sandhurst Joggers 07:56:054
Male Team38 Team Woking High 07:58:174
Male Team39 Barnsbury Primary 08:03:134
Male Team40 Waverley Harriers 08:06:304
Male Team41 Xempo Pace Team 08:12:254
Male Team42 Virgin Care 08:18:084
Male Team43 Wimbledon Windmilers 08:28:464
Male Team44 Hanscombe Harriers 08:29:494
Male Team45 Team KC 08:37:324
Male Team46 Chertsey Thames Valley Hockey Club 08:41:124
Male Team47 Why weight? 08:43:144
Male Team48 Team Guildford Borough 08:51:484
Male Team49 Team Woking High 09:31:274
Male Team50 Team Woking High 10:51:044