Oldbury Fun Run
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22 Jun 2014
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1178Chris Mcmillan00:20:28.5Top 31Male1  11.1 m/hr
265Phil Lucker00:21:48.6Top 32Male2Bristol And West AC 10.4 m/hr
3100James Richardson00:22:15.4Top 33Male3Kenilworth Runners 10.2 m/hr
4245David Awde00:22:37.6Adult (Over 18)1Male4  10.0 m/hr
515Chris Gaze00:22:46.3Adult (Over 18)2Male5Dursley Running Club 10.0 m/hr
6133Ewan Kilgour00:22:49.0Adult (Over 18)3Male6Westbury Harriers 9.9 m/hr
7167Harry Collin00:22:54.4Adult (Over 18)4Male7  9.9 m/hr
834Jon Howes00:22:58.9Adult (Over 18)5Male8CLC Striders 9.9 m/hr
919Jack Derrick00:23:12.3Under 151Male9Westbury Harriers 9.8 m/hr
1017Rebecca Awde00:23:13.0Top 31Female1  9.8 m/hr
11170Joe Connors00:23:24.815-181Male10  9.7 m/hr
1249Tony Walsh00:23:27.8Adult (Over 18)6Male11Bitton RR 9.7 m/hr
13210Daniel Parry00:23:38.415-182Male12  9.6 m/hr
14199Bradley Clark00:23:39.9Adult (Over 18)7Male13  9.6 m/hr
15157Dylan Evans00:23:41.415-183Male14  9.6 m/hr
1680Steven Moss00:23:42.9Adult (Over 18)8Male15BRAT 9.6 m/hr
17285Shane Walker00:23:47.3Adult (Over 18)9Male16  9.5 m/hr
18211Georgie Salmon00:23:55.4Top 32Female2  9.5 m/hr
19176David Mccleod00:24:09.9Adult (Over 18)10Male17  9.4 m/hr
20201Alex Alliston00:24:16.1Adult (Over 18)11Male18  9.3 m/hr
214Callum Davis00:24:28.4Under 152Male19Stroud Athletics 9.3 m/hr
2253Jon Matthews00:24:29.5Adult (Over 18)12Male20  9.3 m/hr
2340Steven Grant00:24:30.2Adult (Over 18)13Male21Bristol And West AC 9.3 m/hr
24161Mark Russell00:24:36.3Adult (Over 18)14Male22  9.2 m/hr
25135Russell Knight00:24:41.1Adult (Over 18)15Male23  9.2 m/hr
26114Christian Irwin00:24:51.0Adult (Over 18)16Male24  9.1 m/hr
2761Tom Dennison00:25:16.1Adult (Over 18)17Male25  9.0 m/hr
28141Joshua Vaughan00:25:21.4Adult (Over 18)18Male26  8.9 m/hr
2958Peter Barnes00:25:28.315-184Male27Westbury Harriers 8.9 m/hr
30276David Mcmillan00:25:28.515-185Male28  8.9 m/hr
31277Pete Woodward00:25:33.6Adult (Over 18)19Male29  8.9 m/hr
32165Harry Eatock00:25:37.4Under 153Male30  8.9 m/hr
33152David Larkham00:25:39.9Adult (Over 18)20Male31  8.8 m/hr
3418Michael Nichols00:25:52.4Adult (Over 18)21Male32  8.8 m/hr
35126Charlie Powell00:25:56.5Under 154Male33  8.7 m/hr
36116Ian Shepherd00:25:59.2Adult (Over 18)22Male34Fetch Everyone Running Club 8.7 m/hr
3738Moray Sloan00:26:05.7Adult (Over 18)23Male35  8.7 m/hr
3877Kevin Wood00:26:12.3Adult (Over 18)24Male36Thornbury Running Club 8.7 m/hr
39156Cavan Evans00:26:16.215-186Male37  8.6 m/hr
405Ben Hortop00:26:22.7Adult (Over 18)25Male38  8.6 m/hr
4162Jade Sheeley00:26:23.4Top 33Female3  8.6 m/hr
4285Shaun Mellor00:26:27.0Adult (Over 18)26Male39Horizon 8.6 m/hr
43153William Alvarez00:26:27.7Adult (Over 18)27Male40  8.6 m/hr
44154Miguel Alvarez00:26:31.7Adult (Over 18)28Male41  8.5 m/hr
45271Liam Jones00:26:36.9Adult (Over 18)29Male42  8.5 m/hr
46130Chris Hares00:27:03.4Adult (Over 18)30Male43Kingswood Tri Club 8.4 m/hr
47149Nicholas Tymko00:27:05.8Adult (Over 18)31Male44  8.4 m/hr
4848Daniel Toomer00:27:19.7Adult (Over 18)32Male45  8.3 m/hr
49155James Drew00:27:31.6Adult (Over 18)33Male46  8.2 m/hr
5084Stephen Dowden00:27:33.6Adult (Over 18)34Male47Horizon 8.2 m/hr
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