Maidenhead Half Marathon
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7 Sep 2014
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12813Michael Hiscott1:07:35.4FinishedTop 31  Male1Maidenhead AC 11.6 m/hr
23472Phil Sanders1:12:37.5FinishedTop 32ARC Champs1Male2Kent AC 10.8 m/hr
32457Daniel Davies1:13:28.7FinishedTop 33  Male3Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers AC 10.7 m/hr
43412Matthieu Ribault1:13:36.0FinishedSenior1  Male4Thames Valley Harriers 10.7 m/hr
53867Nigel Rackham1:13:44.9FinishedV501  Male5Metros 10.7 m/hr
61978Simon Newton1:13:48.8FinishedSenior2  Male6Ackworth Road Runners 10.6 m/hr
73642Jamie Thom1:13:50.8FinishedSenior3  Male7  10.6 m/hr
83582Tom Stephenson1:14:12.1FinishedSenior4  Male8London Heathside 10.6 m/hr
92169Steve Barnes1:15:14.6FinishedV401  Male9Newbury AC 10.4 m/hr
10553Karl Spielmann1:15:40.2FinishedV402  Male10  10.4 m/hr
112556Stephen Elson1:15:48.0FinishedSenior5  Male11Ealing Southall & Middlesex AC 10.4 m/hr
122726Stephen Gumbrill1:16:05.7FinishedSenior6  Male12Hart Road Runners 10.3 m/hr
133174Andrew Mitchell1:17:05.2FinishedV403  Male13Thames Valley Harriers 10.2 m/hr
143394Jonathan Ratcliffe1:17:56.8FinishedV404  Male14Herne Hill Harriers 10.1 m/hr
153863Ben Martin-Dye1:18:03.6FinishedV405  Male15Bracknell Forest Runners 10.1 m/hr
163537Simon Sikora1:18:14.1FinishedSenior7  Male16  10.0 m/hr
173989Martin Bateman1:18:34.2FinishedSenior8  Male17Hillingdon AC 10.0 m/hr
183130Matthew Mcdaniel1:18:38.0FinishedSenior9  Male18  10.0 m/hr
192718Dylan Grimes1:18:49.8FinishedV406ARC Champs2Male19Barnes Runners 10.0 m/hr
202760Nathan Harrison1:18:57.2FinishedSenior10  Male20  10.0 m/hr
212567Pascal Evans1:18:59.7FinishedV407  Male21Stragglers 9.9 m/hr
223400Carl Redondo1:19:22.8FinishedSenior11  Male22Trent park 9.9 m/hr
233747Chris Wayman1:19:28.0FinishedSenior12  Male23  9.9 m/hr
243155James Mensa-Annan1:19:39.4FinishedSenior13  Male24  9.9 m/hr
252480Michael Deering1:19:41.8FinishedSenior14  Male25Didcot Runners 9.9 m/hr
263748Alex Weatherill1:19:42.6FinishedSenior15  Male26London Heathside 9.9 m/hr
272633Simon Fraser1:19:48.8FinishedSenior16ARC Champs3Male27St Albans Striders 9.8 m/hr
283262Jose Manuel Pabon1:19:49.4FinishedSenior17  Male28Ealing Eagles Running Club 9.8 m/hr
293430Dave Roberts1:19:53.9FinishedV408  Male29Fell Runners Association 9.8 m/hr
302983Matthew Knight1:19:55.6FinishedV409  Male30Bracknell Forest Runners 9.8 m/hr
312762Will Harrison1:19:57.5FinishedSenior18  Male31Dorking & Mole Valley AC 9.8 m/hr
322874Alan Hutchinson1:20:03.9FinishedSenior19  Male32  9.8 m/hr
332188Chris Baynes1:20:22.4FinishedSenior20ARC Champs4Male33Garden City Runners 9.8 m/hr
342246Max Bontoft1:20:24.4FinishedSenior21  Male34  9.8 m/hr
353157Tomasz Mietki1:20:29.3FinishedSenior22  Male35  9.8 m/hr
362372Amy Clements1:20:47.4FinishedTop 31ARC Champs1Female1Kent AC 9.7 m/hr
373633Pawel Tatarek1:20:50.7FinishedSenior23  Male36Zoom Tri Club Bournemouth 9.7 m/hr
382903Phil Jelly1:20:53.8FinishedSenior24  Male37  9.7 m/hr
392580Steve Featherstone1:21:01.5FinishedV4010  Male38  9.7 m/hr
401036Raj Paranandi1:21:04.9FinishedSenior25  Male39  9.7 m/hr
413473John Sandhu1:21:07.6FinishedV4011  Male40  9.7 m/hr
423423Matt Risden1:21:09.3FinishedSenior26  Male41  9.7 m/hr
43340Chris Moseley1:21:10.0FinishedSenior27  Male42Wargrave Runners 9.7 m/hr
443370Emily Proto1:21:19.5FinishedTop 32  Female2Arena 80 AC 9.7 m/hr
453092Freysen Maritz1:21:27.2FinishedV4012  Male43Stragglers 9.6 m/hr
462764Henry Hart1:21:31.9FinishedSenior28  Male44  9.6 m/hr
473142Gary Mckivett1:21:37.4FinishedSenior29  Male45Arena 80 AC 9.6 m/hr
483708Sebastian Vons1:21:40.1FinishedSenior30  Male46Wimbledon Windmilers 9.6 m/hr
493555Robin Smith1:21:40.4FinishedV502ARC Champs5Male47Datchet Dashers 9.6 m/hr
502463Alan Wilson1:21:47.4FinishedV4013  Male48Reading Roadrunners 9.6 m/hr
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