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11 Sep 2014
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119TEAM Rose Bikes11:53:48.712 Hour1Team of 4Relay1 1095:50.67:27.06:32.9
231TEAM Newborn Vietnam11:58:11.912 Hour2Team of 6Relay2 1095:51.87:40.26:35.3
318TEAM Artemis Investment Management LLP11:53:52.412 Hour3Team of 4Relay3 1046:04.48:38.96:51.8
426TEAM Team Joost11:55:50.412 Hour4Team of 4Relay4 1045:48.98:23.86:52.9
540Team Sds Limited11:59:36.912 Hour5Team of 7Relay5 1045:48.68:04.16:55.1
633Team Walter Lilly- Team 111:55:08.012 Hour6Team of 6Relay62 lap Sp Penalty (213, 209)1025:33.818:57.07:00.6
7249TEAM The Neil Train - TNT 211:56:25.412 Hour7Team of 4Relay7 1025:59.78:09.77:01.4
816TEAM Media Velo A11:56:14.812 Hour8Team of 4Relay8 1016:22.68:15.27:05.4
946Team London Pride Spinhalers 111:56:22.212 Hour9Team of 6Relay91 Lap Spd Penalty (305)1016:10.712:19.27:05.5
1071Mike Hall11:53:13.8Solo1SoloMale1 996:04.912:00.17:12.2
1139TEAM The Neil Train - TNT 111:56:25.112 Hour10Team of 4Relay10 996:30.18:25.47:14.1
1214TEAM Matt Hampson Foundation- Team 411:57:32.612 Hour11Team of 4Relay11 986:05.49:42.17:19.3
1351TEAM Barretts Of Cantebury11:55:18.212 Hour12Team of 8Relay12 975:52.78:54.57:22.4
1415TEAM Nordoff Ladies Team11:54:30.712 Hour13Team of 4Relay13 966:44.58:10.07:26.5
1544TEAM Weekend Worriers A11:58:29.312 Hour14Team of 4Relay14 965:46.19:52.27:29.0
1632TEAM True Digital11:58:46.312 Hour15Team of 5Relay15 956:34.58:55.07:33.9
1749TEAM SEGA Europe Limited - 111:53:42.312 Hour16Team of 8Relay16 936:29.810:04.07:40.4
18291TEAM Weekend Worriers B11:53:52.212 Hour17Team of 4Relay17 936:36.09:06.37:40.5
192Neil Copeland11:56:23.9Solo2SoloMale2 936:38.416:38.47:42.1
2038TEAM Furniture Village11:53:38.012 Hour18Team of 7Relay18 925:50.410:28.27:45.4
2148Team Dairy Crest Ltd Team 211:53:14.912 Hour19Team of 8Relay191 Lap Sp Penalty (324)916:46.113:19.37:50.2
2247TEAM Dairy Crest LTD Team 111:55:35.912 Hour20Team of 8Relay20 916:26.59:15.17:51.8
2352Team Dragons11:59:41.612 Hour21Team of 4Relay21 916:44.711:35.97:54.5
2428Team Ds Smith - Team 111:54:18.212 Hour22Team of 8Relay221 Lap Sp Penalty (102)906:12.612:18.77:56.2
2534TEAM WALTER LILLY- Team 211:55:07.812 Hour23Team of 6Relay23 906:41.69:54.87:56.7
2645TEAM TMJ Interiors11:53:38.212 Hour24Team of 8Relay24 896:42.011:20.28:01.1
2742TEAM Media Velo E11:57:31.412 Hour25Team of 4Relay25 896:26.710:55.18:03.7
2853TEAM Bulldogs11:47:09.312 Hour26Team of 7Relay26 886:43.910:51.38:02.1
297Lee Tanner11:54:15.0Solo3SoloMale3 886:05.124:33.18:06.9
30265TEAM Media Velo D11:56:30.412 Hour27Team of 4Relay27 886:30.510:57.48:08.5
3135TEAM ADBAC - L'escargot11:59:40.812 Hour28Team of 7Relay28 886:43.19:44.28:10.6
3212TEAM Matt Hampson Foundation- Team 111:52:44.512 Hour29Team of 4Relay29 877:10.99:58.88:11.5
3329TEAM Premier Oil PLC11:55:00.412 Hour30Team of 5Relay30 876:42.012:16.08:13.1
3441TEAM Media Velo C11:58:02.112 Hour31Team of 4Relay31 867:04.810:25.28:20.9
35134TEAM Media Velo B11:54:43.112 Hour32Team of 4Relay32 856:40.211:38.38:24.5
3622TEAM RFU IPF- Taggs11:54:22.312 Hour33Team of 4Relay33 846:41.710:03.78:30.2
3730TEAM Jocks11:58:22.612 Hour34Team of 6Relay34 846:53.412:57.58:33.1
3813TEAM Matt Hampson Foundation- Team 211:59:29.512 Hour35Team of 4Relay35 847:04.411:34.28:33.9
3917TEAM HP - Froome11:52:51.712 Hour36Team of 4Relay36 837:18.210:01.28:35.3
4050TEAM SEGA Europe Limited - 211:57:40.312 Hour37Team of 8Relay37 836:44.910:41.18:38.7
4143TEAM Talon11:47:20.912 Hour38Team of 8Relay38 827:16.014:59.88:37.5
4237TEAM London Pride Spinhalers 211:49:45.912 Hour39Team of 6Relay39 807:08.011:10.98:52.3
4323TEAM RFU IPF- Training 111:53:49.812 Hour40Team of 4Relay40 807:45.810:49.48:55.3
4421TEAM RFU IPF - Area 411:52:57.212 Hour41Team of 4Relay41 776:40.312:51.29:15.5
4520TEAM Abigail's Footsteps Team 211:55:43.812 Hour42Team of 4Relay42 777:24.114:25.29:17.7
4624TEAM RFU IPF- Training 211:55:26.712 Hour43Team of 4Relay43 747:36.814:05.69:40.0
4725TEAM RFU IPF- Training 311:58:03.912 Hour44Team of 4Relay44 708:48.012:42.610:15.4
488Caven O'hara11:55:34.1Solo4SoloMale4 667:29.959:41.010:50.5
4936Team Abigails Footsteps- Team 111:58:00.412 Hour45Team of 5Relay45 638:05.818:23.311:23.8
509Spike Bainbridge11:55:33.6Solo5SoloMale5 567:03.61:00:17.512:46.6
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