Bromham 10k Pudding Run
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7 Dec 2014
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1448Michael Towler33:28.8FinishedTop 31 Male1Avon Valley Runners 17.9 km/h
226Matthew Battensby34:13.9FinishedTop 32 Male2Bristol & West AC 17.5 km/h
314Rich Ayling34:29.3FinishedTop 33 Male3Avon Valley Runners 17.4 km/h
4440Josh Taylor35:01.3FinishedSen1 Male4Team Bath AC 17.1 km/h
5136Gary Dunstone35:15.5FinishedV401 Male5Chippenham Harriers 17.0 km/h
6443Bart Thomas35:50.0FinishedSen2 Male6Chippenham Harriers 16.7 km/h
75Stuart Henderson36:01.1FinishedV402 Male7Corsham Running Club 16.7 km/h
8390John Rooney36:02.6FinishedSen3 Male8Nailsea Running Club 16.6 km/h
9392Mike Rose36:11.8FinishedSen4 Male9Avon Valley Runners 16.6 km/h
10300Michael Milstead36:16.5FinishedSen5Bromham LocalMale10Calne SMaRTT 16.5 km/h
11135Andrew Duncan36:58.2FinishedSen6 Male11Calne SMaRTT 16.2 km/h
1218Ruth Barnes37:04.6FinishedTop 31 Female1Avon Valley Runners 16.2 km/h
13407Pete Slade37:08.1FinishedSen7 Male12Avon Valley Runners 16.2 km/h
1496Thomas Coney37:12.7FinishedSen8 Male13Avon Valley Runners 16.1 km/h
15398Chris Scothern37:14.6FinishedSen9 Male14Chippenham Harriers 16.1 km/h
16268Tim Lowrie37:26.4FinishedSen10 Male15Avon Valley Runners 16.0 km/h
1728Dominic Beddis37:27.8FinishedSen11 Male16Avon Valley Runners 16.0 km/h
1867Sean Butler37:31.6FinishedV501 Male17Team Bath AC 16.0 km/h
19362Justin Peters37:38.7FinishedV403 Male18Avon Valley Runners 15.9 km/h
2054Michael Bright37:54.2FinishedSen12 Male19Chippenham Harriers 15.8 km/h
21397Robin-Mark Schols38:29.1FinishedV502 Male20Avon Valley Runners 15.6 km/h
2223Martin Bateman38:34.4FinishedSen13 Male21Avon Valley Runners 15.6 km/h
23365Mark Poolman38:39.8FinishedSen14 Male22Calne SMaRTT 15.5 km/h
24127Stuart Dinwoodie38:41.9FinishedV503 Male23Chippenham Harriers 15.5 km/h
25174Jon Giddings38:54.5FinishedSen15 Male24Hickey'S Harriers Devizes 15.4 km/h
2668John Butterworth39:00.5FinishedV404 Male25Calne SMaRTT 15.4 km/h
27483Mike Wheeler39:04.8FinishedSen16 Male26Reading Joggers 15.4 km/h
28200James Hayward39:06.3FinishedSen17 Male27  15.3 km/h
2910Matthew Andrews39:14.2FinishedV405 Male28  15.3 km/h
30253Peter Larman39:25.9FinishedV406 Male29Frome Running Club 15.2 km/h
31288Peter Mc Garry39:30.0FinishedV407 Male30Calne SMaRTT 15.2 km/h
3286Mark Clayton39:33.5FinishedV504 Male31Chippenham Harriers 15.2 km/h
33462James Taylor39:37.9FinishedSen18 Male32  15.1 km/h
34185Denise Grech39:38.4FinishedTop 32 Female2Calne Running Club 15.1 km/h
35385Adam Robbins39:43.4FinishedSen19 Male33Avon Valley Runners 15.1 km/h
36388Jacqueline Rockliffe39:53.9FinishedTop 33 Female3Avon Valley Runners 15.0 km/h
37298Antony Mills39:57.1FinishedSen20 Male34Avon Valley Runners 15.0 km/h
38277Charlotte Bowers39:58.4FinishedSen1 Female4Chippenham Harriers 15.0 km/h
39275Stuart Macgregor40:01.9FinishedV601 Male35Avon Valley Runners 15.0 km/h
40274Laura Macgregor40:04.8FinishedSen2 Female5Avon Valley Runners 15.0 km/h
41312Simon Morgan40:06.4FinishedV408 Male36  15.0 km/h
42441Richard Taylor40:13.7FinishedV409 Male37Maidenhead Athletics Club 14.9 km/h
4346Sean Bosworth40:20.5FinishedSen21 Male38Hot Chilli Tri 14.9 km/h
4452Martin Bridgeman40:22.2FinishedSen22 Male39Swindon Harriers 14.9 km/h
45486Beni Williams40:23.8FinishedSen23 Male40  14.9 km/h
4637Jeremy Coward40:26.4FinishedV4010 Male41Chippenham Harriers 14.8 km/h
47447Adrian Thrush40:27.0FinishedV4011 Male42  14.8 km/h
48138Duncan Edwards40:28.2FinishedSen24 Male43  14.8 km/h
49320Matt Morten40:30.5FinishedSen25 Male44  14.8 km/h
50179Damion Godwin40:33.7FinishedSen26 Male45Devizes Running Club 14.8 km/h
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