Hampshire Hilly
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11 May 2014
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1550Edward Rollitt05:27:58.3Up to 391Male1VC Venta 18.3 m/hr
2261Ed Gurney05:28:24.640-49 years1Male2VC Venta 18.3 m/hr
3338Julian Jenkinson05:30:04.140-49 years2Male3  18.2 m/hr
4242James Gilfillan05:30:05.3Up to 392Male4  18.2 m/hr
5361Tod Kindler05:30:53.2Up to 393Male5VC Venta 18.1 m/hr
6193Duncan Edwards05:33:03.8Up to 394Male6  18.0 m/hr
7600Wayne Smith05:33:18.540-49 years3Male7  18.0 m/hr
8186Chris Downham05:40:21.2Up to 395Male8AVSOMPOL CC 17.6 m/hr
958Paul Bird05:40:22.7Up to 396Male9  17.6 m/hr
10121Richard Clare05:43:03.0Up to 397Male10  17.5 m/hr
1162Mark Bolton05:46:33.250-59 years1Male11  17.3 m/hr
12684Simon Wegerif05:46:59.850-59 years2Male12  17.3 m/hr
13300Dan Higginson05:47:31.7Up to 398Male13ONE Tri RDS 17.3 m/hr
14690Adrian Went05:48:21.650-59 years3Male14  17.2 m/hr
15231Richard Gammage05:48:27.450-59 years4Male15CTC 17.2 m/hr
16412Gordon Markus05:48:54.6Up to 399Male16Severn RC 17.2 m/hr
17577Paul Sergeant05:49:05.840-49 years4Male17  17.2 m/hr
1825Nigel Ball05:49:08.250-59 years5Male18JPMorgan Cycle Club 17.2 m/hr
19251Andrew Graham05:49:09.740-49 years5Male19JPMorgan Cycle Club 17.2 m/hr
20358Andrew Khan05:49:11.140-49 years6Male20JPMorgan Cycle Club 17.2 m/hr
21253Mark Grainger05:49:14.240-49 years7Male21  17.2 m/hr
22463Richard New05:49:36.150-59 years6Male22VC Venta 17.2 m/hr
23112Robert Carter05:49:40.340-49 years8Male23VC Venta 17.2 m/hr
24477Daniel Osborne05:49:45.040-49 years9Male24  17.2 m/hr
25189Simon Dunlop05:49:59.3Up to 3910Male25  17.1 m/hr
26590David Sloan05:50:12.6Up to 3911Male26Andover Wheelers 17.1 m/hr
27278Pete Harris05:50:15.240-49 years10Male27Andover Wheelers 17.1 m/hr
28532Andrew Reid Thomas05:52:08.940-49 years11Male28SW Reuleurs 17.0 m/hr
29372Tim Lander05:53:10.940-49 years12Male29  17.0 m/hr
30552David Rowe05:54:14.850-59 years7Male30  16.9 m/hr
31139Tim Cooke05:55:02.640-49 years13Male31  16.9 m/hr
32140Steve Coombs05:56:19.7Up to 3912Male32  16.8 m/hr
33478Paul Osman05:56:35.9Up to 3913Male33  16.8 m/hr
34256Bob Greenwood05:58:25.850-59 years8Male34GS Henley 16.7 m/hr
35632Paul Thomas05:58:43.840-49 years14Male35VC Venta 16.7 m/hr
36495David Persaud05:59:34.740-49 years15Male36  16.7 m/hr
37535Bruce Rendall05:59:43.940-49 years16Male37  16.7 m/hr
3853Jeremy Berwick06:00:28.540-49 years17Male38  16.6 m/hr
39662Karl Waktare06:00:31.340-49 years18Male39Meon Stokers 16.6 m/hr
40501Dave Pilkington06:01:26.260+ years1Male40VC Venta 16.6 m/hr
41712Lionel Wolovitz06:03:24.450-59 years9Male41NFCC 16.5 m/hr
42497Jake Phipps06:03:39.6Up to 3914Male42SW Rouleurs 16.5 m/hr
43548Jeremy Robinson06:03:39.740-49 years19Male43  16.5 m/hr
4451Oliver Berney06:04:41.140-49 years20Male44  16.5 m/hr
45490Tom Peck06:04:42.340-49 years21Male45Team Rose 16.5 m/hr
46615Neil Stevenson06:05:09.750-59 years10Male46New Forest Cycling Club 16.4 m/hr
47314Lee Hookem06:05:12.240-49 years22Male47New Forest Cycling Club 16.4 m/hr
48315Martin Horner06:05:33.140-49 years23Male48  16.4 m/hr
49230Adrian Gamble06:06:48.150-59 years11Male49VC Venta 16.4 m/hr
50725Pete Wyatt06:06:51.640-49 years24Male50VC Venta 16.4 m/hr
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