Bike Bath 2014
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Race Stats
28 Jun 2014
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Cat Pos
Gen Pos
533Richard King05:46:57.0All Ages1Male1  17.3 m/hr
64Trevor Batey05:51:53.0All Ages2Male2  17.1 m/hr
532Andrew King05:53:31.0All Ages3Male3  17.0 m/hr
443Roy Heselden05:53:59.0All Ages4Male4  16.9 m/hr
417Adam Hanley05:56:38.0All Ages5Male5  16.8 m/hr
418Brett Hanley05:57:11.0All Ages6Male6  16.8 m/hr
161Tomas Buxton06:03:47.0All Ages7Male7  16.5 m/hr
246Ben Davies06:03:47.0All Ages8Male8  16.5 m/hr
345Justin Gage06:10:10.0All Ages9Male9Velo Club Walcot 16.2 m/hr
208Helen Conner06:15:49.0All Ages1Female1  16.0 m/hr
805Tom Room06:15:49.0All Ages10Male10  16.0 m/hr
666Alec Mould06:16:35.0All Ages11Male11Westbury Wheelers 15.9 m/hr
135Freddie Broadway06:16:38.0All Ages12Male12Frome & District Wheelers 15.9 m/hr
526Ian Kennedy06:17:31.0All Ages13Male13  15.9 m/hr
318Ed Fletcher06:17:33.0All Ages14Male14  15.9 m/hr
91Tim Birtwistle06:21:00.0All Ages15Male15  15.7 m/hr
788Adam Robbins06:22:58.0All Ages16Male16  15.7 m/hr
385Stephen Green06:24:56.0All Ages17Male17  15.6 m/hr
26Arran Armstrong06:28:04.0All Ages18Male18Velo Club Walcot 15.5 m/hr
9Nick Adams06:28:46.0All Ages19Male19  15.4 m/hr
1071James Reynolds06:30:26.0All Ages20Male20  15.4 m/hr
470Mark Hopkinson06:35:04.0All Ages21Male21  15.2 m/hr
592Andrew Marcroft06:38:33.0All Ages22Male22Stratford CC 15.1 m/hr
837Malcolm Shepperson06:38:34.0All Ages23Male23Velo Club Walcot 15.1 m/hr
456Mike Hodges06:38:55.0All Ages24Male24  15.0 m/hr
698Chris Parker06:38:56.0All Ages25Male25  15.0 m/hr
604Adam Matchette06:44:15.0All Ages26Male26  14.8 m/hr
774Graham Reid06:45:17.0All Ages27Male27  14.8 m/hr
363Simon Giles06:45:57.0All Ages28Male28  14.8 m/hr
725Jeremy Persad06:46:03.0All Ages29Male29  14.8 m/hr
1089Will Hull06:46:41.0All Ages30Male30  14.8 m/hr
347Duncan Game06:51:59.0All Ages31Male31  14.6 m/hr
957Craig Underdown06:56:35.0All Ages32Male32  14.4 m/hr
707Sally Patch06:56:47.0All Ages2Female2  14.4 m/hr
407Stephen Hale06:59:02.0All Ages33Male33  14.3 m/hr
388Liam Gregorious07:09:25.0All Ages34Male34  14.0 m/hr
337Andrew Fry07:09:37.0All Ages35Male35  14.0 m/hr
980Edward Webb07:11:54.0All Ages36Male36  13.9 m/hr
121Luke Brady07:11:56.0All Ages37Male37  13.9 m/hr
826Greig Seavill07:12:15.0All Ages38Male38Salt & Sham Cycle Club 13.9 m/hr
415Caroline Handley07:14:55.0All Ages3Female3Chapeau The People's Bicycle Club 13.8 m/hr
1088Michael Mcgoldrick07:15:27.0All Ages39Male39  13.8 m/hr
1087Den Johnson07:15:29.0All Ages40Male40  13.8 m/hr
1072Richard Lock07:17:23.0All Ages41Male41  13.7 m/hr
188Michael Clapp07:19:41.0All Ages42Male42  13.6 m/hr
847Dave Skinner07:21:02.0All Ages43Male43  13.6 m/hr
168Stephen Campbell07:22:08.0All Ages44Male44  13.6 m/hr
1077Toby Herlinger07:22:08.0All Ages45Male45  13.6 m/hr
450Stephen Hill07:25:19.0All Ages46Male46  13.5 m/hr
362Karl Giles07:25:27.0All Ages47Male47  13.5 m/hr
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