Oldbury Fun Run
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28 Jun 2015
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1127Simon HEATH00:19:48.0Adult (Over 18)1Male1 Reading AC11.5 m/hr
240David AWDE00:19:57.9Adult (Over 18)2Male2 Bristol and West AC11.4 m/hr
3101Chris MCMILLAN00:20:00.8Adult (Over 18)3Male3 Weston AC11.3 m/hr
4286Phil Lucker00:21:37.1Adult (Over 18)4Male4 Bristol and West AC10.5 m/hr
5131Jullian BAILEY-GARD00:22:53.2Adult (Over 18)5Male5  9.9 m/hr
614Rebecca AWDE00:23:07.5Adult (Over 18)1Female1 Bristol and West AC 9.8 m/hr
7125Simon MORRISSEY00:23:16.2Adult (Over 18)6Male6  9.7 m/hr
8138Daniel PARRY00:23:25.915-181Male7  9.7 m/hr
998Stefan BRITTAIN00:23:28.5Adult (Over 18)7Male8  9.7 m/hr
10124Steven MOSS00:23:33.8Adult (Over 18)8Male9  9.6 m/hr
11331Georgie Salmon00:23:36.5Adult (Over 18)2Female2  9.6 m/hr
1265Ellie HOBBS00:23:41.1Under 151Female3  9.6 m/hr
1328Jack DERRICK00:23:43.315-182Male10  9.6 m/hr
14186Liam Lambe00:23:52.5Under 151Male11  9.5 m/hr
1519Alan GATLING00:24:00.8Adult (Over 18)9Male12  9.4 m/hr
164Steven GRANT00:24:02.6Adult (Over 18)10Male13 Bristol and West AC 9.4 m/hr
171314Alex Grocott00:24:07.1Under 131Male14  9.4 m/hr
18132Craig VERNON00:24:11.2Adult (Over 18)11Male15  9.4 m/hr
19182Ryan Clifford00:24:11.4Adult (Over 18)12Male16  9.4 m/hr
20211Dylan EVANS00:24:15.415-183Male17  9.3 m/hr
21332Ross Irwin00:24:18.7Adult (Over 18)13Male18  9.3 m/hr
22135Shane WALKER00:24:19.4Adult (Over 18)14Male19  9.3 m/hr
23213Christopher PERRY00:24:25.6Adult (Over 18)15Male20 puz/phelps running club 9.3 m/hr
2453Mike MEWSE00:24:42.5 Male21  9.2 m/hr
2595Charlie BINNING00:24:52.615-184Male22  9.1 m/hr
26206Harry EATOCK00:25:03.715-185Male23  9.0 m/hr
27244Richard Worthington00:25:19.8Adult (Over 18)16Male24  9.0 m/hr
2849Dan TOOMER00:25:23.6Adult (Over 18)17Male25  8.9 m/hr
2938Tom STENNING00:25:25.7Adult (Over 18)18Male26Sheaf Hearts 8.9 m/hr
301412Leighton Tuodola00:25:34.8Under 152Male27  8.9 m/hr
31118James DREW00:25:35.8Adult (Over 18)19Male28 Anchor Inn 8.9 m/hr
32184Harriet Lambe00:25:38.7Under 152Female4  8.8 m/hr
33215Michael POAD00:25:42.4Adult (Over 18)20Male29 Anchor Inn 8.8 m/hr
341366Dylan ROBERTS00:25:44.2Adult (Over 18)21Male30  8.8 m/hr
3593Alex MILLER00:25:46.9Adult (Over 18)22Male31  8.8 m/hr
3652Neil JENKINS00:25:55.4Adult (Over 18)23Male32  8.7 m/hr
3725Russell KNIGHT00:26:00.4Adult (Over 18)24Male33  8.7 m/hr
381108Johan HOBBS00:26:09.4Under 132Male34  8.7 m/hr
391348Harrison Baker00:26:11.2Under 153Male35  8.7 m/hr
40226Darren STRINGER00:26:12.4Adult (Over 18)25Male36  8.7 m/hr
41183Ben Carter00:26:20.0Adult (Over 18)26Male37  8.6 m/hr
42152Clive ATTWOOD00:26:28.4Adult (Over 18)27Male38  8.6 m/hr
4321Chris HARES00:26:33.5Adult (Over 18)28Male39 Kingswood Tri 8.5 m/hr
4427Ian DERRICK00:26:35.9Adult (Over 18)29Male40  8.5 m/hr
45242Isaac Vaughan00:26:42.315-186Male41 Anchor Inn 8.5 m/hr
4616Ben SANDERS00:26:43.5Adult (Over 18)30Male42Civica 8.5 m/hr
47344Nicholas Tymko00:26:45.6Adult (Over 18)31Male43  8.5 m/hr
48212Sam PHELPS00:26:47.9Adult (Over 18)32Male44 puz/phelps running club 8.5 m/hr
49248Michael Nichols00:26:49.1Adult (Over 18)33Male45  8.5 m/hr
501315Dephi EVANS00:26:57.9Under 131Female5  8.4 m/hr
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