Bike Oxford 2014
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Race Stats
7 Sep 2014
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Bib No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
576Paul Wisbey04:27:30All Ages1Male1Mickey Cranks CC 17.9 m/hr
557Darren Webb04:27:31All Ages2Male2Mickey Cranks CC 17.9 m/hr
440Andrew Pickett04:27:32All Ages3Male3  17.9 m/hr
124Jon Clarke04:29:30All Ages4Male4  17.8 m/hr
93Dan Butcher04:31:54All Ages5Male5  17.7 m/hr
159Mark Darby04:32:58All Ages6Male6  17.6 m/hr
614John Mcateer04:34:23All Ages7Male7  17.5 m/hr
498Robert Sloley04:35:27All Ages8Male8  17.4 m/hr
599Phil Boardman04:39:31All Ages9Male9  17.2 m/hr
31James Beale04:41:48All Ages10Male10  17.0 m/hr
236Ian Goulding04:41:48All Ages11Male11  17.0 m/hr
447Martin Pope04:42:12All Ages12Male12  17.0 m/hr
499Brian Small04:42:58All Ages13Male13  17.0 m/hr
181Keith Dunn04:42:59All Ages14Male14  17.0 m/hr
219Jon Gascoyne04:43:23All Ages15Male15  16.9 m/hr
511John Spooner04:45:19All Ages16Male16  16.8 m/hr
216Nicola Furlong04:45:20All Ages1Female1  16.8 m/hr
532Tim Theologis04:46:41All Ages17Male17The Nuffield Health Manor Team 16.7 m/hr
347Alasdair Lane04:47:16All Ages18Male18  16.7 m/hr
512Mark Staff04:47:26All Ages19Male19  16.7 m/hr
259Mark Hancock04:49:26All Ages20Male20  16.6 m/hr
577Jerome Wise04:49:31All Ages21Male21  16.6 m/hr
615Nicholas Day04:49:31All Ages22Male22  16.6 m/hr
531Stephen Tearne04:51:05All Ages23Male23CRCCC 16.5 m/hr
434Joshua Perella04:51:09All Ages24Male24  16.5 m/hr
486Steve Saunders04:52:16All Ages25Male25  16.4 m/hr
441Debbie Pickett04:53:28All Ages2Female2  16.4 m/hr
406Michael Murphy04:53:29All Ages26Male26Mickey Cranks CC 16.4 m/hr
572Rhys Williams04:53:32All Ages27Male27  16.4 m/hr
322Terry Johnson04:53:33All Ages28Male28  16.4 m/hr
591Arran Curran04:55:24All Ages29Male29  16.2 m/hr
431Peter Pearce04:55:48All Ages30Male30  16.2 m/hr
205Kevin Finch04:56:03All Ages31Male31  16.2 m/hr
23Nick Ballantine-Drake04:56:04All Ages32Male32  16.2 m/hr
45Paul Bibby04:56:08All Ages33Male33  16.2 m/hr
29Mark Baseby04:58:03All Ages34Male34  16.1 m/hr
155Liam Curren04:59:12All Ages35Male35  16.0 m/hr
611Robert Bunce05:01:04All Ages36Male36  15.9 m/hr
266Simon Harrison05:01:16All Ages37Male37Banjo Cycles 15.9 m/hr
229Nick Girdler05:01:20All Ages38Male38  15.9 m/hr
545Jon Varney05:01:20All Ages39Male39  15.9 m/hr
114Ken Chard05:01:48All Ages40Male40Mickey Cranks CC 15.9 m/hr
275Steven Heath05:01:48All Ages41Male41Mickey Cranks CC 15.9 m/hr
234Nigel Goode05:03:51All Ages42Male42Outdoor Traders Cycling Club 15.8 m/hr
470Andy Rhoades05:07:02All Ages43Male43  15.6 m/hr
203Gideon Fielden05:07:05All Ages44Male44  15.6 m/hr
544Jay Varney05:09:25All Ages45Male45Waitrose Headington 15.5 m/hr
173Luke Doughty05:13:26All Ages46Male46Mickey Cranks CC 15.3 m/hr
261Jonathan Harle05:13:29All Ages47Male47Cowley Road Condors 15.3 m/hr
20Kurt Austin05:13:50All Ages48Male48Cowley Road Condors 15.3 m/hr
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