Fairford 10k
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1 Jun 2014
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1397Graham Rush32:32.9FinishedSenM Male1Cheltenham & County Harriers 18.4 km/h
215David Bell32:42.3FinishedSenMFairford MaleMale2Cirencester AC 18.3 km/h
3396John Parker32:59.0FinishedV40 Male3Cheltenham & County Harriers 18.2 km/h
49Anthony Bailey33:35.6FinishedSenM Male4Cheltenham & County Harriers 17.9 km/h
5254Mark Tyrrell34:53.7FinishedSenM Male5Eynsham Road Runners 17.2 km/h
6275Adrian Williams35:06.6FinishedSenM Male6Cirencester AC 17.1 km/h
743Simon Campbell35:36.1FinishedSenMFairford MaleMale7Cirencester AC 16.9 km/h
8155Bill Leggate35:46.7FinishedSenM Male8Cirencester AC 16.8 km/h
992Denis Galerin36:08.6FinishedSenM Male9Cirencester AC 16.6 km/h
10440Francis Pearce36:09.5FinishedSenM Male10Defence Academy 16.6 km/h
11411Tim Hughes36:18.4FinishedV60 Male11White Horse Harriers 16.5 km/h
12381Ewen Smith36:20.7FinishedV40 Male12Bourton Road Runners 16.5 km/h
13407Heath Forbes36:25.5FinishedSenM Male13Cirencester AC 16.5 km/h
14211Dave Rantell36:53.2FinishedV40 Male14Cheltenham & County Harriers 16.3 km/h
15319Brian Cooke36:57.9FinishedV40 Male15Royal Wootton Bassett Hounds RC 16.2 km/h
16393David Wright37:43.0FinishedV50 Male16Cirencester AC 15.9 km/h
17402Paul Smith37:49.6FinishedSenM Male17  15.9 km/h
18327Jack Evans37:54.0FinishedSenM Male18  15.8 km/h
19223Jason Tilley37:54.7FinishedV40 Male19Gloucester AC 15.8 km/h
20371Tim Purvey37:56.8FinishedSenM Male20Royal Wootton Bassett Hounds RC 15.8 km/h
21239Mark Sysum37:58.8FinishedV40 Male21Cirencester AC 15.8 km/h
22182Wendy Nicholls38:08.3FinishedV35Fairford FemaleFemale1Cirencester AC 15.7 km/h
23201Benedict Pollard38:23.0FinishedV40 Male22Eynsham Road Runners 15.6 km/h
24298James Thomas38:38.3FinishedSenM Male23Running Somewhere Else 15.5 km/h
25338Ben Gregory38:41.8FinishedSenM Male24Royal Wootton Bassett Hounds RC 15.5 km/h
2631Graham Bridges38:44.5FinishedV40 Male25Eynsham Road Runners 15.5 km/h
2757Shona Crombie-Hicks38:57.8FinishedV35 Female2Bourton Road Runners 15.4 km/h
28413Dave Mcgrath38:58.4FinishedV50 Male26Almost Athletes 15.4 km/h
29286Martin Ford39:27.4FinishedV70 Male27Cheltenham & County Harriers 15.2 km/h
30340Hannah Hale39:28.7FinishedSenF Female3Eynsham Road Runners 15.2 km/h
31399Chris Colbeck39:45.0FinishedV40 Male28Witney Road Runners 15.1 km/h
32160Darren Long39:46.6FinishedV40 Male29Bourton Road Runners 15.1 km/h
33202Matt Powell39:49.1FinishedSenM Male30Gloucester AC 15.1 km/h
3474Naomi Eaton39:50.0FinishedSenF Female4Stroud & District AC 15.1 km/h
35451Jowan Nicholls39:50.8FinishedSenM Male31  15.1 km/h
36251Michael Tune39:51.7FinishedV40 Male32Swindon Harriers 15.1 km/h
37366Martin O'connor39:52.8FinishedSenM Male33Stroud & District AC 15.0 km/h
38245Nigel Tillott40:19.6FinishedV50 Male34Tewkesbury AC 14.9 km/h
39262Lucy Walmsley40:23.5FinishedV35 Female5Bourton Road Runners 14.9 km/h
40224Ian Shoemark40:28.7FinishedV40 Male35Bourton Road Runners 14.8 km/h
4178Howard Ewan40:29.0FinishedSenM Male36Cirencester AC 14.8 km/h
42261Simon Walker40:38.5FinishedV40 Male37Eynsham Road Runners 14.8 km/h
43450Russel Young40:42.3FinishedV40 Male38Running Somewhere Else 14.7 km/h
44419Keith Mccarthy40:53.7FinishedSenM Male39Royal Wootton Bassett Hounds RC 14.7 km/h
45113James Head41:03.2FinishedSenM Male40Gloucester AC 14.6 km/h
46142Samantha Kelly41:06.0FinishedV45 Female6Royal Wootton Bassett Hounds RC 14.6 km/h
47184Chris Norris41:13.5FinishedSenM Male41Fetch Everyone 14.6 km/h
4859Luke Cummings41:20.1FinishedSenM Male42  14.5 km/h
49281Tony Buckland41:20.6FinishedSenM Male43Stroud & District AC 14.5 km/h
50195Jason Parr41:21.2FinishedV40 Male44Royal Wootton Bassett Hounds RC 14.5 km/h
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