Hairy Legs Challenge
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10 May 2015
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1254Chris LUCAS00:47:56.1Hairy Legs Male1Male115.0 km/h
2262Jon COX00:48:54.3Hairy Legs Male2Male214.7 km/h
3228Jonty DE LA HARPE00:53:33.8Hairy Legs Male3Male313.4 km/h
4419Andrew STANTON00:53:51.3Old Crumblie Male 50 yrs+1Male413.4 km/h
5249Mark HOMER00:54:00.4Hairy Legs Male4Male513.3 km/h
6617 TEAM SUJO00:54:36.2Standard Team1Relay113.2 km/h
7270Phil ROSE00:54:58.1Hairy Legs Male5Male613.1 km/h
8620 TEAM TURNER00:57:43.9Standard Team2Relay212.5 km/h
9420Pete SUDBURY00:57:44.1Old Crumblie Male 50 yrs+2Male712.5 km/h
10423Andy CHARRINGTON00:57:51.9Old Crumblie Male 50 yrs+3Male812.4 km/h
11259Paul SCOTT00:58:11.1Hairy Legs Male6Male912.4 km/h
12232Paul RADZIWILL00:58:33.8Hairy Legs Male7Male1012.3 km/h
13266Jules HOPKINSON00:58:59.9Hairy Legs Male8Male1112.2 km/h
14416Team ROTHWELL00:59:31.5Old Crumblie Male 50 yrs+4Male1212.1 km/h
15236Diego MARTIN01:00:01.2Hairy Legs Male9Male1312.0 km/h
16231Stuart QUINTON01:00:10.5Hairy Legs Male10Male1412.0 km/h
17418Neil SALMONS01:00:19.8Old Crumblie Male 50 yrs+5Male1511.9 km/h
18201Heidi PRICE01:00:22.9Hairy Legs Female1Female111.9 km/h
19615 YOUR LEGS ARE HAIRIER THAN MINE!01:00:31.8Standard Team3Relay311.9 km/h
20621 KIBBLE & WILSON01:00:45.4Standard Team4Relay411.9 km/h
21417Nigel HAWKEY01:00:47.8Old Crumblie Male 50 yrs+6Male1611.8 km/h
22623 NORFOLK N CHANCE01:01:04.5Standard Team5Relay511.8 km/h
23225Richard WEBB01:01:25.6Hairy Legs Male11Male1711.7 km/h
24238David CASWELL01:01:30.8Hairy Legs Male12Male1811.7 km/h
25243Justin ADAMS01:01:49.9Hairy Legs Male13Male1911.6 km/h
26230Stephen COULSON01:02:10.7Hairy Legs Male14Male2011.6 km/h
27202Jenny O'CONNOR01:02:19.0Hairy Legs Female2Female211.6 km/h
28424Andrew BURTENSHAW01:03:07.2Old Crumblie Male 50 yrs+7Male2111.4 km/h
29214Tara MCINNES01:03:15.1Hairy Legs Female3Female311.4 km/h
30208Heather BELL01:03:21.2Hairy Legs Female4Female411.4 km/h
31267Gary MCVIE01:03:40.3Hairy Legs Male15Male2211.3 km/h
32624 BETTER LATE THAN NEVER01:04:00.2Standard Team6Relay611.2 km/h
33250Richard CORBETT01:04:21.5Hairy Legs Male16Male2311.2 km/h
34265Duncan SHEARMAN01:05:02.7Hairy Legs Male17Male2411.1 km/h
35421Michael BREWER01:05:08.2Old Crumblie Male 50 yrs+8Male2511.1 km/h
36248Neil LECKY-THOMPSON01:05:32.2Hairy Legs Male18Male2611.0 km/h
37604 BEER BUDDIES01:05:35.3Business Team1Relay711.0 km/h
38612 PINK PANTHERS01:05:40.8Standard Team7Relay811.0 km/h
39247Scott PETTY01:06:08.9Hairy Legs Male19Male2710.9 km/h
40607 VICTORIOUS SECRET01:06:11.0Standard Team8Relay910.9 km/h
41608 OLD CLUNKERS01:06:19.4Standard Team9Relay1010.9 km/h
42610 MCWALKER01:06:31.3Standard Team10Relay1110.8 km/h
43234Nick VALLANCE01:06:35.1Hairy Legs Male20Male2810.8 km/h
44239Dale BARTRAM01:06:35.3Hairy Legs Male21Male2910.8 km/h
45233Chris JOHN01:07:12.3Hairy Legs Male22Male3010.7 km/h
46212Fenella DERBYSHIRE01:07:37.5Hairy Legs Female5Female510.6 km/h
47425John ALPER01:07:49.3Old Crumblie Male 50 yrs+9Male3110.6 km/h
48217Leigh LAZENBY01:08:27.8Hairy Legs Female6Female610.5 km/h
49252Craig MINIHAN01:08:33.5Hairy Legs Male23Male3210.5 km/h
50213Becca MCKENZIE01:09:35.2Hairy Legs Female7Female710.3 km/h
Page 1 of 2 (90 items)

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