Summer Mapledurham 10
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4 Aug 2018
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1138Matthew EVANS38:01.0Under 401Male1SWANSEA HARRIERS15.8 km/h
2144Oliver THWAITES39:47.0Under 402Male2SERPENTINE RC15.1 km/h
356Amber GASCOIGNE40:14.0Under 401Female1 14.9 km/h
491Thomas NIKE40:30.0Under 403Male3READING ATHLETICS CLUB14.8 km/h
511Calum BAUGH40:51.0Under 404Male4READING ROADRUNNERS14.7 km/h
6143Freddie WILCOX42:51.0Under 405Male5 14.0 km/h
718Alan BRACLIK43:19.0Under 406Male6 13.9 km/h
861Daniel HARE44:15.040-491Male7 13.6 km/h
9106George REICH45:39.040-492Male8READING AC13.1 km/h
10129Lee WEBB46:11.040-493Male9BRAMLEY TRAIL RUNNERS13.0 km/h
1187Clinton MONTAGUE46:26.0Under 407Male10 12.9 km/h
12104Dave RANDALL47:28.040-494Male11 12.6 km/h
13117Mark SMITH47:57.040-495Male12 12.5 km/h
14132Jon WILLIAMS48:03.0Under 408Male13 12.5 km/h
1531Nick CLARK48:15.050-591Male14READING JOGGERS12.4 km/h
1679Christopher LEE49:02.050-592Male15 12.2 km/h
1739Richard CORNER 49:09.050-593Male16 12.2 km/h
1872Bithja JONES49:12.0Under 402Female2READING ROADRUNNERS12.2 km/h
19140Sandra CATER49:36.040-491Female3 12.1 km/h
2024Mark BROOKS50:24.050-594Male17FAREHAM CRUSADERS11.9 km/h
2138Nicola COOPER50:33.0Under 403Female4 11.9 km/h
2237Andrew COLTMAN51:20.0Under 409Male18 11.7 km/h
23136Brian BOWER51:28.060+1Male19RUNNERS' RETREAT11.7 km/h
24124Nigel TIMMIS51:33.040-496Male20 11.6 km/h
2552Tracey HARE51:41.040-492Female5 11.6 km/h
26142Irene BORGHI51:47.0Under 404Female6WE GONE PETE TONG11.6 km/h
272Robin ALEXANDER52:08.050-595Male21 11.5 km/h
2857Emma GATLAND53:26.0Under 405Female7 11.2 km/h
29110Slawomir ROWINSKI54:55.040-497Male22 10.9 km/h
3050Kevin EVELY55:07.050-596Male23 10.9 km/h
3120Nic BRANCACCIO55:12.050-597Male24PURPLE PATCH RUNNING10.9 km/h
3258Dan GURNEY55:39.0Under 4010Male25READING JOGGERS10.8 km/h
3389Katie MYERSCOUGH55:43.0Under 406Female8 10.8 km/h
3432Mike CLARK56:20.0Under 4011Male26READING JOGGERS10.7 km/h
3584Lorna MCLEOD56:28.040-493Female9 10.6 km/h
3685Eoin MCLEOD56:28.040-498Male27 10.6 km/h
37121David TALLON57:03.060+2Male28 10.5 km/h
3847Rob DEAN57:14.0Under 4012Male29SAVAGE TRIATHLON10.5 km/h
3954Lisa FROMENT57:14.0Under 407Female10SAVAGE TRIATHLON10.5 km/h
40125Mark TWINNING57:18.0Under 4013Male30 10.5 km/h
4125Julian BROWNE57:24.050-598Male31 10.5 km/h
423John ALPER57:28.060+3Male32 10.4 km/h
4329Paul CARPENTER58:35.0Under 4014Male33ITCHEN SPITFIRES RUNNING CLUB10.2 km/h
4414Eoin BOLGER58:47.0Under 4015Male34 10.2 km/h
4567Jennifer HOLMES58:47.040-494Female11ITCHEN SPITFIRES RUNNING CLUB10.2 km/h
46107Simon RIVIERE58:52.050-599Male35READING JOGGERS10.2 km/h
47111Sylvia ROZEMEIJER59:58.040-495Female12READING ROADRUNNERS10.0 km/h
48131Jerry WHITMARSH1:00:02.050-5910Male36 10.0 km/h
4986John MILLER1:00:03.040-499Male37 10.0 km/h
50139Carl OGDEN1:00:29.040-4910Male38  9.9 km/h
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