Cirencester Park 10k
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27 Sep 2015
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1438David BELL34:46FinishedTop 3 Male1Male1CIRENCESTER AC 17.3 km/h
2313Ander RUSSELL34:56FinishedTop 3 Male2Male2STROUD & DISTRICT AC 17.2 km/h
3439Bill LEGGATE35:11FinishedTop 3 Male3Male3CIRENCESTER AC 17.0 km/h
437Dan BLAKE35:19FinishedSenM1Male4WITNEY ROAD RUNNERS 17.0 km/h
5100Robert FARLEY35:51FinishedSenM2Male5BITTON ROAD RUNNERS 16.7 km/h
6431Kate HULLS36:04FinishedTop 3 Female1Female1BRISTOL AND WEST AC 16.6 km/h
7437Simon CAMPBELL36:09FinishedSenM3Male6CIRENCESTER AC 16.6 km/h
875Matthew CREW36:16FinishedJunM1Male7CHELTENHAM AND COUNTY HARRIERS 16.5 km/h
9207Chris KRZYWIEC36:34FinishedSenM4Male8BOURTON ROAD RUNNERS CLUB 16.4 km/h
10337Ewen SMITH36:48FinishedV401Male9BOURTON ROAD RUNNERS CLUB 16.3 km/h
1119Ruth BARNES37:00FinishedV352Female2AVON VALLEY RUNNERS 16.2 km/h
12453William GARDNER37:14FinishedJunM2Male10  16.1 km/h
1321Ian BARRETT37:25FinishedV402Male11BALLYMENA & ANTRIM AC 16.0 km/h
14225Anthony LOCK37:37FinishedV403Male12WITNEY ROAD RUNNERS 15.9 km/h
15301Dave RANTELL37:42FinishedV404Male13CHELTENHAM AND COUNTY HARRIERS 15.9 km/h
16223Steve LINTON37:54FinishedV405Male14ALMOST ATHLETES 15.8 km/h
17295Tim PURVEY37:56FinishedSenM5Male15ROYAL WOOTTON BASSETT HOUNDS RC 15.8 km/h
18179Andrew JACK38:11FinishedV406Male16ROYAL WOOTTON BASSETT HOUNDS RC 15.7 km/h
19281Justin PETERS38:15FinishedV407Male17AVON VALLEY RUNNERS 15.7 km/h
20146James HEAD38:47FinishedV408Male18GLOUCESTER AC 15.5 km/h
21190Darren JONES39:01FinishedV409Male19  15.4 km/h
22428Tim HEMING39:14FinishedV4010Male20BOURTON ROAD RUNNERS CLUB 15.3 km/h
23444Justin DAGLISH39:25FinishedSenM6Male21ALMOST ATHLETES 15.2 km/h
24423Gemma HARGRAVES39:35FinishedTop 3 Female3Female3ALMOST ATHLETES 15.2 km/h
25263Matthew NEWMAN39:41FinishedSenM7Male22GLOUCESTER AC 15.1 km/h
26405Jake WICKENS39:42FinishedSenM8Male23  15.1 km/h
2718Matthew BARNES39:49FinishedV4011Male24ALMOST ATHLETES 15.1 km/h
2851Sean BUTLER40:05FinishedV501Male25TEAM BATH ATHLETICS CLUB 15.0 km/h
29210Matt LAMBOURNE40:12FinishedSenM9Male26RUNNING SOMEWHERE ELSE 14.9 km/h
30127Ben GREGORY40:17FinishedSenM10Male27ROYAL WOOTTON BASSETT HOUNDS RC 14.9 km/h
31373Michael TUNE40:20FinishedV4012Male28SWINDON HARRIERS 14.9 km/h
32332Dominic SIMMONS40:37FinishedSenM11Male29  14.8 km/h
33387Lucy WALMSLEY40:39FinishedV351Female4BOURTON ROAD RUNNERS CLUB 14.8 km/h
34364Nigel TILLOTT40:52FinishedV502Male30TEWKESBURY AC 14.7 km/h
35228Steve MABER40:54FinishedV503Male31TEWKESBURY AC 14.7 km/h
36445Daniel WOOD40:55FinishedSenM12Male32CIRENCESTER AC 14.7 km/h
37116Mark GARRETT41:13FinishedV4013Male33RUNNING SOMEWHERE ELSE 14.6 km/h
3877Jason CROPTON41:15FinishedV4014Male34STROUD & DISTRICT AC 14.5 km/h
39471Jon LAST41:41FinishedV4015Male35  14.4 km/h
40443Hoang VANTRAN41:45FinishedSenM13Male36ROYAL WOOTTON BASSETT HOUNDS RC 14.4 km/h
41421Paul PENU41:46FinishedSenM14Male37ARMY ATHLETICS ASSOCIATION 14.4 km/h
42158Timothy HODGETTS41:47FinishedSenM15Male38RUNNING SOMEWHERE ELSE 14.4 km/h
4335Charles BISHOP41:50FinishedV4016Male39  14.3 km/h
44101Freddy FELLOWS41:56FinishedJunM3Male40  14.3 km/h
45224Anthony LIVIABELLA42:08FinishedV4017Male41STROUD & DISTRICT AC 14.2 km/h
46449Ian CRESSWELL42:10FinishedV4018Male42  14.2 km/h
4780Nick DALTON42:13FinishedV4019Male43WITNEY ROAD RUNNERS 14.2 km/h
48202Samantha KEY42:13FinishedV352Female5  14.2 km/h
4920Paul BARNES42:16FinishedV504Male44CHELTENHAM AND COUNTY HARRIERS 14.2 km/h
50132Sarah GUNN42:20FinishedV451Female6CIRENCESTER AC 14.2 km/h
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